Amusement parks in China and Malaysia are often operated as an adjunct to the main business of the operator. For example, a real estate developer will set aside part of his development land for a theme park in the expectation that this will increase the attractiveness of the overall development and increase real estate prices. In this case, the operator is not an expert in managing theme parks and looks to outsource as much as possible.

Galasys has identified opportunities which involve revenue sharing with the theme park operators – firstly, to invest in and operate the software and equipment required for admission to the park (TiTo – Ticketing IT Outsourcing Service); secondly, and potentially more lucrative, to additionally take responsibility for the sale and marketing of theme park tickets, so that Galasys has the overall responsibility for the revenue generation of the park up until the customer enters the facility. This would result in a much higher percentage revenue share for Galasys (TBPO – Ticketing Business Process Outsourcing Service).

Ticketing IT outsourcing service (TiTo)

The value proposition of TiTo to the operators is to reduce their high capital investment and ongoing maintenance by outsourcing the entire IT ticketing aspect. Galasys will firstly provide project financing to all IT related infrastructure requirements including software and hardware, networking and CCTV and in return the operators will share portion of the revenue with Galasys.

Ticketing BPO service (TBPO)

In addition to operating the software and equipment required for admission to the theme park as mentioned above, another important service is to manage the marketing and the sale of theme park tickets. The Group will be responsible for the revenue generation of the park up until the visitor enters the theme park.

The theme park operators essentially outsource the whole business process from ticket origination to purchase and finally, entry into the theme park. The typical arrangement for both sides is revenue sharing on the ticket sales with Galasys.