Galasys E-Ticketing System (“GSET”) is the product of extensive software research and development and business modelling. It has been deployed in over 60 amusement parks and attractions globally.

The system is designed to deal with large scale complex information flows and facilitate the management and analysis of visitors, merchandise sales and business operations.

Many of our customers process ticket sales exceeding 1 Million per annum, confirming the reliability of the application whilst processing all of the requirements of a modern day attraction.

Technical details


  • Adapts well to different hardware environments and integrates into a variety of systems
  • Is developed using the Microsoft Windows platform
  • Uses back-end data storage on Microsoft SQL or Oracle database servers
  • Has its own internal reporting format or integrates seamlessly with Crystal reports or QlikView for more detailed analysis
  • Ensures workstations are linked to the back-end server, resulting in real-time data transmitted throughout the network

System features

Ticketing management

  • Ticket sale options include: agent ticket sales, membership entry, pre-sold tickets, discount cardholders, multiday and multi-park entry and special passes.
  • Payment modes include: credit customers, debit customers, cash customers, gift vouchers or even free entrance for VIPs.
  • Automated ticket printing options include: cards, tickets or wristbands, tickets printed at home and barcode labels encoded with unique PIN if required. The application writes directly to RFID devices and 2D Barcode delivery can be made to Mobile.
  • Visitor entrance information enables management and ticketing counter staff to monitor the number and type of visitors entering and leaving the park throughout the day. This facilitates a better crowd management and thus increases customer satisfaction.
  • Ticket topping-up allows visitors to upgrade, buy fast passes, purchase for events or further days.
  • Group entry feature allows to issue a tour group with one single ticket or wristband to be worn by the group leader. This saves considerable park entrance time for a tour group.
  • Tickets and Wristbands can be designed and customised by individual parks as and when required.
  • Foreign and multiple currency transactions can be managed by the application, using currency rates set at the back end.
  • Donations to specific fundraising campaigns can be made at time of purchase.
  • E-Wallet top up can be made at time of purchase.

Online ticketing / e-mall

Our application operates a real-time Online sales portal. The website can be standalone or be fully integrated within a corporate site to reflect the respective corporate branding. All websites are customised to individual requirements.
Our Online Ticketing module:

  • Enables customers to view, select and purchase different types of ticket, package or membership. Upon successful payment, they can print out a print at home ticket or a coupon for redemption at a kiosk or the ticket counter.
  • Delivers full shopping basket e-commerce including Merchandise sales.
  • Is fully compliant for mobile ticketing. Websites can be responsive in design and Tickets can be purchased directly via the mobile device or tablet and redeemed at the ticket counter by showing the coupon on the device's screen.

Management reporting and analysis

  • GSET's real time inquiry function allow management to access accurate, real time information at any time.
  • The system offers up to 200 built in reports, including:
    • sales reports (daily, monthly, yearly)
    • total numbers of visitors (daily, monthly, yearly)
    • point of sale reports
    • membership reports
    • event order reports
    • management reports
    • turnstile reports
    • donation reports (including local tax calculations)
  • Report data can be viewed in graphical form to facilitate planning and management decisions and develop better sales and marketing strategies.
  • We have delivered full integrations to Crystal and Qlikview.

Membership management

Our Membership Management module is fully integrated with GSET and GPOS.

  • The module enables multiple membership and employee types and cards to be created and maintained using real-time data.
  • Members’ information – including, name and contact details are stored on the solution and can be used for marketing purposes, including email and SMS campaigns.
  • Members personal ID, such as photos and finger-print details can be fully integrated to our admissions solution.
  • A loyalty point accumulation system can be implemented promoting spending by members and tracking spending habits.

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