The Galasys e-point-of-sale system (GPOS) automates daily sales transactions and tracks customers spending behaviors on a real-time basis, providing an integrated web storefront. It also provides a real-time balance sheet and profit and loss statement at the day's end.

  • Stock movements are recorded in the back-end database.
  • At the front end, users can void or skim transactions.
  • Hardware requirements are minimal and utilize point of sale components such as touch screen displays, barcode scanners, receipt printers, electronic cash registers and cash drawer systems.
  • The system was developed on the Microsoft Windows platform. The operating system is MS Windows Server 2012, using an MS SQL 2012 database.
  • GPOS runs on a network, making real-time visitor and sales data available at any time.
  • Payment options include: almost all credit cards, cash and valid gift vouchers.
  • Discount options include: staff purchase discounts, special discounts, member discounts.

Application features


  • Provides base pack for retail outlets and food & beverages line
  • Automatically updates stock database when an item's barcode is scanned
  • A variety of payment modes is available
  • Fully integrated with e-Wallet module


  • Sales price list control
  • POS master file set-up
  • Barcode printing module
  • Inventory monitoring system
  • Purchase order management
  • System security control
  • Import/export data utilities
  • Consolidated POS system control
  • Consolidated sales report
  • Wide area inventory control system

RFID closed loop payment solution (e-Wallet)

GSET's e-Wallet technology enhances the visitors’ experience at the parks and attractions. Using 2D barcode or RFID technology, the system enables visitors to add credit and make payments quickly and easily. E-Wallet payment functions are highly secure as all payments go through a process of validation and recognition.

The convenience of cash-free spending increases client satisfaction and boosts spending, not just on rides and attractions, but also refreshments and merchandise.

  • GPOS's RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tickets, cards or wristbands store cash credit and act as electronic wallet (e-Wallet), allowing visitors pay for activities and purchase refreshments or merchandise easily and quickly. It can also function as an electronic key for admissions control and to open lockers, hotel room entry, etc.
  • The RFID card also enables the system to capture park usage information which can be fed into the customer relationship management (CRM) database to improve understanding of visitor needs and preferences
  • Particularly valuable for Water Parks and Festivals utilising waterproof  RFID wristbands and where carrying cash is inconvenient

System integration options

  • GPOS integrates with other systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), inventory, supply chain management and accounting systems.

Wireless / mobile terminals

  • Compatible with devices used to reconcile computer stock records against physical stock

Proactive email alert system

  • Email alerts can be set up using different criteria and customized wordings
    • Alerting options include:
    • Low stock levels (safety stock, minimum stock, etc)
    • Overdue sales orders, delivery orders, invoices
    • Late payments from customers
    • Credit control alerts
    • Low cash levels
    • Overdue work orders
    • Suggestions for things to buy or make

Staff control

System access levels:

  • User access – cashiers, supervisors and managers
  • Module access – grants certain users access to specific front-end modules
  • Program access – grants access to certain back-end programs
  • System activity monitoring – the “Log viewer" function monitors the user's login/logout as well as each user's activities
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