Admission Control

The Galasys Admission (Access Control) module is fully integrated with GSET and our Membership Module. Many of our customers see visitor numbers in excess of 1 Million per annum and one attraction manages days with over 150,000 people in a single park.

Entrance control management

  • GSET records all park entries and exits. Only valid tickets are granted entry. Tickets that have been purchased but not used are also recorded on the system
  • Access control is provided at entry and exit points via turnstiles or handheld devices with barcode or RFID readers that scan wristbands, tickets, membership cards or identification cards. They validate tickets, count traffic and block entry to anyone with an expired or used ticket.

Turnstile and other barrier options

  • Turnstiles can be used to automate access to the facility and keep a count of the number of people entering or leaving. Turnstiles can be locked or set to allow passage through in one direction only.
  • GSET can be integrated with tripod turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, flat barriers, door release deveices or hand-held readers.
  • Our solution is multi-zone and multi-location, allowing complex access configuration for all visitors and staff.

RFID access control

  • GSET's RFID (Radio Frequency ID) solution can be used as the ID for tickets, passes or Membership. ID can be stored within special tickets, cards or wristbands which relays full admissions and gate data. It can also function as an electronic key (for lockers, hotel rooms, etc)
  • The RFID card also enables the system to capture park usage information which can be fed into the customer relationship management (CRM) database to improve understanding of visitor needs and preferences.


  • GSET Admissions management is fully integrated with finger-print and photo recognition devices. This allows customers to manage secure locations to a much higher degree if required.
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