Proposed, as on 23 Dec 2015
  Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of total number of issued Ordinary Shares
WOI* 26,783,984 34.99%
Shiji (Hong Kong) Limited 15,311,340 20.00%
Netrove Ventures Corporation** 8,523,909 11.13%
Soo Choon Meng 7,842,989 10.24%
WGLS Foundation
2,151,201 2.81%

* Well Oriental Investments Limited shareholders are Seah Kok Wah (the Company's CEO and co-founder), Hee Chee Keong (the Company's CFO), Low Kok Thai (the Group's CTO) and Chuah Teong Ming (MD of China and co-founder).
** Netrove Ventures Corporation's shareholder is Teh Kim Seng (the Company's, Non-Executive Chairman) and this number also includes shares issued to Netrove Strategic Corporation, who Teh Kim Seng is also the shareholder.